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The Gift of Time Well Spent

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The holiday season seems to move faster year after year, do you agree?  It often becomes a flurry of holiday parties, Christmas Concerts, special events, celebrations with friends, Holiday Cards and baking.  That doesn’t even account for all of the SHOPPING and cleaning you need to get done.

Over the years my family has turned our attention from material things, to the gift of time together enjoying our favorite activities.  For some that might be a ski trip or a beach vacation.  But for others, like our family, it simply means spending time together.  We most often gather at each other’s homes, always outside watching the kids play, enjoying a bonfire or telling old stories and laughing ourselves silly.  There is no better way to enjoy those moments than in our By The Yard Outdoor Furniture.  Investing in this maintenance free furniture is truly like investing in our time together - now and for years to come!

(Photo: Vintage By The Yard Christmas Collection!)

Many people, including my family, build their By The Yard Furniture collections over time.  Most families start with a base such as a table & chair set, 2 Adirondack chairs or another favorite - rockers! Slowly over the years adding a piece each year widens your collection and opens up more room for family & loved ones to gather around.

If you are investing in the gift of time with your loved ones, consider the gift of By The Yard.  Whether it’s a new piece of furniture to add on to a set you have or to just get started, an investment in By The Yard furniture IS an investment in your time together. In fact, the time could be 35 years or longer as our furniture is guaranteed for 35 years!  If choosing your first piece is too daunting or perhaps this is for a gift, a By The Yard Gift Card is another great choice.

If you are wishing to give a unique holiday gift and considering a purchase at By The Yard this holiday season then NOW is the time to shop. For every $100 spent, you will receive a $15 By The Yard promotional gift card to use in store after January 1st.  NOW is the time to start your collection, build onto an existing collection or pick up a gift card.  There are THREE WAYS to shop! Call, on-line or stop in person at our Jordan, MN and Vernon Hills,IL locations.

Be on the lookout for our Christmas commercial or check it out here:

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