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Fall Tent Sale

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Have you ever visited By The Yard at a tradeshow or a state fair? If you have, you have seen exactly what will be on sale, under the tent, at By The Yard’s Fall Tent Event; Friday and Saturday, September 21 st and 22nd, 2018. Shop from hundreds of gently used display items marked down 20% to 50% at our Jordan, MN location. Fire tables, gliders, Adirondack chairs and many more maintenance-free items. It’s your last chance of the year to own By The Yard’s ultra-durable, maintenance-free quality at remarkable prices. If you’re familiar with our Spring Open House event, you know the items under the tent GO FAST. Make sure no one walks off with what you really want and come early. There are more gently used display items, than ever before so we had to create a totally new event…and now it last 2 days!

If you forget to have Siri remind you and you get here late,but you had your heart set on a Days End Glider; order a new one in our showroom at 2018 prices and get a jump on next summer. We’ll even hold it and deliver it next Spring. We have some beautiful Fall Days here in the Midwest, set it up now and it will weather the winter flawlessly. It will be waiting beautifully unscathed, for you to enjoy NEXT summer…and the next..and the next, with no winter storage necessary.

Visit us at 3283 Bluff Drive, Jordan Minnesota, Friday, September 21 st 8a-6p and Saturday, September 22nd 9a-4p. Bring your trucks, trailers, SUV’s, vans, bikes, strollers and backpacks and bring any display items home the same day. If we have new items in stock you can take those too. If we don’t have them in stock, place your order and you could have them a couple of weeks later. I know you’re thinking; that’s October! Yes, and You’re a MIDWESTERNER!  Someone who thinks nothing of walking to the mailbox in shorts and sandals in November. Someone who thinks it’s ABSOLUTELY normal to drive a vehicle onto the ice and sit on an up-turned bucket to do something that should really only be done in the summer, fish! Someone who MIGHT think it’s time to close the windows…come January. Someone who by February is starting to pull out the shorts and sandals again. If you’re thinking about making the investment in By The Yard maintenance-free outdoor furniture for 2019; do yourself a solid and pay 2018 prices now.

See you Friday, September 21 st 8a-6p and Saturday, September 22 and 9a-4p!

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