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Why You Want Flexible Logistics for Outdoor Furniture

By Dan Darvell June 14, 2024 blog

What is Commercial Logistics and Why Should I Care?

In technical terms, commercial logistics is managing the flow of goods and services from the point of

origin to the point of consumption. That’s okay, but let’s simplify it even further. Commercial logistics

boils down to getting what you ordered to where you need it when you need it.

But logistics are simple, right? Hasn’t the age of Amazon Prime and Uber Eats proved technology has

already solved the logistics puzzle? Not exactly. While both companies are exceptional — they still

make mistakes. Some would say with growing frequency and delays. More importantly, what works

for them doesn’t apply to commercial outdoor furniture or your project’s unique needs.

Ok, but do you need to care? Can’t you assume companies like By the Yard have it figured out? Not

exactly. Some, like By the Yard have mastered fulfillment — but they are the exception and not

necessarily the standard.

What makes commercial outdoor furniture so difficult? It all comes down to situations. Every

customer has a different order, scenario, and needs, and few companies can accommodate them all.

Far too often, hospitality customers find that the items they searched and scrutinized for weeks or

months can’t be delivered in the manner or timeframe they need. It’s an easy mistake to make. But

here’s a pro tip: instead of starting with aesthetics, begin the process by defining your logistical needs.


How Many Ways Can You Deliver Commercial Furniture?

You’d be surprised at all of the accommodations and special requests commercial furniture clients

have when placing an order. Here are the most common scenarios to consider when planning,

designing, and preparing your outdoor space. See which one fits your needs best, then start your

FF&E search by identifying which commercial patio furniture companies will meet your ideal

scenario. Or work with a flexible logistics partner like By the Yard, who can match your request.


Order Now, Ship Now

You need outdoor furniture now. Perhaps you had storm damage that destroyed your outdoor

furniture, or you just completed a deck or patio ready to be outfitted. Either way, the sooner you get

outdoor furniture, the quicker guests can use that space. But not everyone can meet that need. Many

outdoor furniture contract their manufacturing to outside companies. You may have to wait for the

next production run or season to get the pieces you want. That’s not an issue with By the Yard. We

manufacture our furniture at our corporate headquarters. During the busy season, we maintain a

deep inventory of ready-to-ship items. During slower times, we can fulfill orders and create pieces

daily as needed. Our manufacturing floor is always staffed and operates all year.


Order Now, Ship Later

You’re a planner. You’re in the early stages of creating or remodeling an outdoor space and want to

have it open at a specific date. Maybe it’s a new store opening or the start of a holiday season that’s

months away. By the Yard is here for you. You can order now and have items shipped to your location

weeks or months later. Sometimes, we’ll set your order aside in inventory or schedule to have it

manufactured and packaged a few days before the shipping date. We choose the method that fits

your needs, order size, and product demand. When you lock in ahead of time, you can be sure to have

everything you want the day you need it.


Shipped Assembled

Many hotels, restaurants, bars, resorts, and affiliated hospitality businesses want the convenience of

pre-assembled outdoor furniture. When you choose By the Yard, that’s no problem at all. We’ll ship

each piece fully assembled so it’s ready to go straight from the truck to your outdoor space. But don’t

worry; each piece is carefully wrapped and packed to protect it from shipping damage. Pre-assembled

orders are the fastest and easiest way to bring your outdoor space to life.


Shipped Unassembled

The most affordable way to ship furniture is unassembled, and it may also be the fastest during

certain times of the year. Each piece of By the Yard Furniture is “flat-packed” to minimize bulk. It’s

packaged with all the necessary hardware and clear instructions for assembling. The assembly

process is simple, requiring basic tools (a powered drill bit driver, 7/16” socket and ratchet, and #3

Phillips head screwdriver) and little time per piece—perhaps 15 minutes per chair. If questions arise

during assembly, By the Yard has your back with support via phone and email.


Shipped Unassembled but Assembled on Site

You want to save on shipping but don’t have the time, staff, or interest in assembling furniture

yourself. Not a problem. By the Yard will coordinate with assemblers in your area or send our team to

ensure each item is built to specification. It’s the next easiest option to shipping items pre-assembled.


What Considerations Should I Make When Selecting a Fulfillment Option?

Each delivery option has merit at first glance. How you choose is up to you. Of course, it’s good to

have some guidelines to inform that decision.

By the Yard recommends commercial customers ask themselves:

  1. Is my space ready now, or is it still in progress?
  2. Do I have a place to store items until the space is prepared?
  3. Do I have the basic tools to assemble outdoor furniture?
  4. Do I have people I trust to build the outdoor furniture?
  5. Do I need to reduce costs or find savings?

Those five questions will help you identify which delivery option is best for you. Of course, there are

always additional factors to consider and plan for. For example, you may have a person to do the

assembly, but they are booked or otherwise unavailable when you want the furniture assembled. Be

sure to answer each question, think through other needs, and make any appropriate plans—even if it’s

just buying the tools.


Purchasing in the Hospitality Industry Goes a Lot Smoother When You Account for Hospitality logistics

Now, you can appreciate why logistics is among the most important aspects to consider when

selecting outdoor furniture. Careful planning and preparation are vital steps in successfully creating

or updating an outdoor patio, deck, garden, or lounge. Of course, it’s also critical to select high-quality

outdoor furniture. In our customers’ experiences, investing once and doing it right the first time is

more affordable.

On the surface, investing in higher-quality commercial outdoor furniture may seem unnecessary. But

overtime, you’ll save more by selecting outdoor commercial furniture that requires less ongoing

maintenance, storage, replacement, and repairs.

By the Yard outdoor furniture with flexible logistics is good for guests and great for business.

How do we know? By the Yard works with thousands of commercial customers all over North

America. Our expertise is deep, and our client list is broad, encompassing:

  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Health clubs
  • Golf courses
  • Residential care and senior living facilities
  • Universities

Learn more about By the Yard commercial outdoor furniture and its complete selection of seating,

tables, and accessories. Please direct any questions to the By the Yard commercial sales or call (952)

219-7070 for immediate assistance during business hours.