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​What makes our furniture priceless

By Dan Darvell September 20, 2016 Uncategorized

When you purchase By the Yard furniture, you’re not only receiving the highest quality outdoor furniture, you’re taking home the kind of benefits you can’t put a price on.

Peace of Mind

Caring for your patio set will be one less thing to worry about. Rain or snow? No big deal. Our maintenance-free materials are designed to be substantial and durable. Stainless steel hardware is resistant to tarnish and rust. And, our signature blend of UV-inhibitors and recycled plastic makes By the Yard furniture tough enough to withstand anything nature throws at it.

A Lifelong Relationship

When you purchase By the Yard outdoor furniture, we’re committed to a lifelong relationship with you. Over the years, we’ve seen so many familiar faces return to add pieces to their collection. Our customers have made repeat purchases an average of four times. Best of all, we often hear that customers can’t tell the difference between pieces purchased decades apart.

35-Year Guarantee

By the Yard’s dedicated staff uses state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) to accurately and flawlessly craft our furniture. Our manufacturing process ensures your furniture is constructed with the utmost precision.

We’re so confident in the quality of our materials that we back up our outdoor furniture with a 35-year guarantee against imperfections like fading, cracking, rotting, and splintering.

As the decades go by, By the Yard will continue to be here for you with the kind of service and quality that transcends anything money can buy.