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The family cabin

By Dan Darvell June 8, 2018 Uncategorized

Few people truly know the joys and pains of building their own cabin. It starts with a dream…a recurring dream, because you think about it one million times before you actually do it. Maybe your favorite place as a kid was Grandpa and Grandma’s cabin. Maybe you are a water lover and can’t get enough of fishing or boating. Maybe the woods call to you during your overwhelming suburban life…maybe it’s all of these things.

Whether your cabin is a 10 foot square bunk house without water or electricity, or a 2 story 4 season home with a hot tub; if you built it, you know the ups and downs of cabin regulations. The “Ups” being the day you plugged in your cabin’s refrigerator for the first time, the “Downs” being the day they told you your structure is too close to the property line.

Cabin owners are masters at simplifying. Taking a long tedious task and making it into a short, efficient one. There’s a place for everything “and everything’s in it’s place.” This is why more and more lake house and cabin owners are getting rid of their old wooden outdoor furniture and investing in By the Yard maintenance-free outdoor furniture. No more painting, no more staining and you can even personalize it. Most cabin owners like to put everything away for the winter, but if it won’t fit in your 10 foot square bunk house, you can just leave it out all year long and it will last for decades.

With over 350 designs, you’re sure to find just the right Adirondack chairs for the fire pit area, the perfect sized table and chair set for the deck, the most comfortable gliders for the front porch AND a great set of tapered planters to frame the steps.

You made your cabin in a very specific style…yours. You don’t want a cabin like anyone else’s so your outdoor furniture should reflect your style too. Only By the Yard will let you customize your color combinations at NO extra cost. Choose from 9 classic earth tones and hundreds of combinations thereof. For minimal cost By the Yard can engrave your furniture. Maybe you have named your cabin and want display the name on your furniture. Maybe you don’t want anyone sitting in YOUR chair so go ahead, put your name on it! You can even add images or logos if you desire. You are going to have your cabin for decades so your outdoor furniture should last just as long.

The Family Cabin

Don’t take care of your furniture, let it take care of you. Stop painting and staining outdoor furniture. You should be on the dock fishing with the kids or even taking a cabin nap, not spending hours sanding and refinishing old patio furniture. If the kids are grown they probably only get to the cabin a couple of times a summer and you want to spend as much time with them as possible. You can convince yourself that there are plenty of weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day to refinish a few deck chairs, but why? You don’t have to do any of that maintenance with By the Yard outdoor furniture. Most people who own a cabin also own a first home where the projects never end. The weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day just got cut in half! Make this the year you buy your forever furniture from By the Yard.