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TEN reasons to fall for fire tables

By Dan Darvell October 11, 2017 Uncategorized

Perhaps one of the very best times of the year in the Midwest, is Autumn. The leaves begin to turn, the air turns crisp and cozy sweaters are brought out of hiding. Fall in the Midwest, as well as other areas across the country, doesn’t mean giving up on being outside. In fact, it’s just the opposite! Hay rides, Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Festivals are as welcomed as the infamous Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte!

Although the season may change, our desire to stay connected to the outside is strong. There is no better way to enjoy fall at its finest than gathered around a By the Yard Fire Table. Warmly extend your outdoor living experience by surrounding yourself with 55,000+ BTUs of cozy warmth. These gorgeous hand-crafted, USA manufactured tables come in a variety of sizes, colors and heights.

TEN reasons to FALL for Fire Tables

For my family, we love the Fire Coffee Table. Last week I invited the neighborhood kids over to enjoy a beautiful cool fall evening gathered around the warmth of the fire. The kids all jumped at the chance to snuggle in their favorite Adirondack chair with friends. The warmth of the fire is at the touch of a button making it easy to ignite, even for those of us who aren’t able to rub two sticks together to achieve the perfect fire!

TEN reasons to FALL for Fire Tables
TEN reasons to FALL for Fire Tables

Although the kids came for the lure of S’mores, they stayed for the warmth of the fire and fun with friends. The Fire Coffee Table was the perfect way to enjoy a night of kids gathered around the fire making the ooey gooey deliciousness that are S’mores! The glass wind guard and washable tempered beads both clean up easily from any sticky marshmallow mess!

TEN reasons to FALL for Fire Tables

These kiddos had fun easily and safely making S’mores around the Fire Coffee Table. They also had NO PROBLEM eating them as quickly as they were toasted!

TEN reasons to FALL for Fire Tables
TEN reasons to FALL for Fire Tables
TEN reasons to FALL for Fire Tables

Your backyard can host these kinds of events too! Maybe a spontaneous fall night where everyone brings something to share gathered around the fire. Or perhaps you can host a pre-planned grown up party with the perfect touch of ambiance … because you know what else is good surrounded by the warm glow of the fire? WINE!  #amiright? 🙂

In need of a few more reasons to add a fire table to your wish list? Here are my TOP TEN!

10.     Warmly extend your outdoor living season

9.       Dining height for family meals

8.       Bar or Counter height for a romantic dinner for too (grab that WINE!)

7.       Warmth at the touch of a button (no matches needed!)

6.       Set the mood with adjustable LP or natural gas flame

5.       Comes with washable tempered beads for S’more mishaps

4.       Removable glass wind guard

3.       A simple removable debris cover to protect it from the elements

2.       Stainless steel fire bowl & hardware make this durable for many years

1.       Adds 55,000 BTU’s of warmth to any gathering

Don’t take my word for it, or those smiling S’mores faces! Visit a showroom today to check it out for yourself. Someone in Jordan, MN. or Vernon Hills, IL. will be ready to warmly greet you fire side!!