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Storing outdoor furniture for the winter months

By Dan Darvell December 19, 2016 Uncategorized

Winter weather can be hard on outdoor furniture, leaving it looking old and worn once the season is over. The snow, ice and winds can cause cracks, rust, fading or other problems. If you own traditional patio furniture then you’ll likely want to read through the following winter storage and preservation tips – or you could just buy outdoor furniture from By the Yard, and trust that it will not crack, rot or splinter for 35 years thanks to our unparalleled warranty!

Stack and Cover

Using a furniture cover provides a layer of protection between the furniture and the weather happening around it. Precipitation and snow will build up on the cover opposed to setting into the furniture, preserving the underlying wood, cushions and other materials from water damage.

If you have furniture you can stack, such as chairs, you can put them all under one cover instead of having to worry about individual pieces.

Or just buy furniture from By the Yard. You won’t need to worry about covers. Our furniture is made from recycled plastic milk jugs in a way that ensures it won’t become brittle or break down, even in rough weather conditions!

Indoor Storage Space

To get a higher level of protection, you may want to consider placing your furniture in an indoor space. A few options include a storage shed in the backyard, a corner of your basement or some closet space in the home. Getting your patio furniture out of the open before the season begins can help prevent any weather-related damage to your pieces.

With the quality furniture available at By the Yard, you will never have to worry about finding space because no winter storage is necessary! Our pieces come out of winter just as colorful and intact as they went in.

Neat and Tidy

Before taking any steps to keep your furniture out of the winter elements, you will want to make sure your furniture is freshly cleaned to reduce the chance of anything growing on it while waiting out the cold, wet months. Moisture and dirt can build up through the spring and summer and if it is left too long it could potentially lead to mold or other issues.

By the Yard furniture doesn’t absorb spills or moisture and is very easy to clean. Simply washing it down with water should do the trick.

Durable, Minimal Maintenance Outdoor Furniture

If you’re tired of all the maintenance and moving your patio furniture requires, consider patio furniture from By the Yard. Our quality furniture is safe for any climate – no winter storage necessary. You don’t have to worry about cracks, rotting or splinters and you will never have to repaint it. Each of our more than 200 styles and designs are made UV stabilized to prevent fading.

Take a look at our selection of low maintenance, stylish plastic lumber furniture today!

See our infographic of the types of tables you can purchase at By the Yard below.