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Simple assembly: adirondack chair

By Dan Darvell April 19, 2022 blog

Few chairs are more comfortable and stylish than our line of Adirondacks. Adirondack chairs are a delightful addition to any outdoor space, and finding the best kind for you is important. By the Yard offers three kinds of Adirondack chairs, including Raised and Upright, Traditional, and Glider Chairs.

Whether you are looking for the perfect place to lounge in the sun, read on the dock, or sit by the campfire, we have something for you. Make sure you explore all our options so you can choose a chair that is right for you.

Assembling them is a breeze too. Here’s what you need to do before you can kick back and relax:

Before you do anything, make sure the base of the chair is free of debris and ensure all of the chair’s components are available. You should have:

  • The base
  • The back of the chair
  • 2 chair arms
  • 2 chair legs
  • 1 chair back piece
  • Washers
  • 4 1.5-inch screws
  • 2 1-inch panhead screw
  • 2 1.25-inch leg bolts
  • Nuts
  • 1 Phillips screwdriver
  • 1 adjustable wrench

Once you’ve gathered your items you can then proceed with the following steps.

1. Attach the Base

First, we will use our four 1.5-inch screws to attach and align the back of the chair to the base. Screw all of them in as tightly as you can.

2. Attach the Arms and Legs

For this step, make sure you have your leg bolts handy. Slide the bolt into the hole, upwards rather than top-down. This will ensure the bolt’s smooth side remains facing you. Once you are down, repeat this step on the other side.

3. Attach the Support Pieces

Take the front support piece and slide it into the available spot at the bottom of the chair. Since everything hasn’t been tightened yet, this piece should slide in easily. Secure it in place with your panhead screws—one at a time and another at the bottom. Now, make sure all screws are fully tightened.

4. Enjoy!

See? That wasn’t so hard. Take a seat and enjoy this wonderful chair. You deserve it.

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