No matter what American store you walk into you’re guaranteed to find products with a little tag attached that says “Made in China.” A majority of American products are made internationally, as many American companies have moved their business abroad to places like China and Mexico where labor is cheaper.

However, thousands of American companies and businesses still make their products domestically. Although products made abroad may be cheaper, the ethics behind their production is sometimes questionable and the labor dollars being spent are going into foreign economies rather than employing Americans. Here are some reasons why you should buy products made in America instead of products made abroad.

Reasons to Buy Products Made in the U.S.

Support the American Economy by Buying Domestic from By the Yard

The local Minnesota manufacturing experts at By the Yard have more than 20 years of experience in plastic engineering, and partner with an American plastic lumber extrusion company who boasts more than 35 years of experience creating ultra-durable products crafted with recycled material. We offer unparalleled warranties thanks to the unprecedented durability of our plastic outdoor furniture, more than 200 styles and designs and even take some custom orders at certain times of year.

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