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Maintenance-free patio furniture in Minnesota

Are you ready to upgrade your outdoor furniture? By the Yard maintenance-free outdoor patio furniture has your next favorite chair, table, ottoman, or storage chest ready to discover. We have high-quality outdoor patio furniture that is maintenance-free and ready to weather the winter without having to be stored, moved, or worried about. Check out all of our products below:

Adirondack Glider Chair

Sustainable, Durable Outdoor Furniture

At By The Yard, we create outdoor furniture that is built to last for decades, not just provide a temporary solution. Our tables, chairs, Adirondacks, tables, and other patio furniture are made from High-density Polyethylene (HDPE). We make HDPE from recycled plastic waste like milk jugs, taking harmful waste from landfills in order to make beautiful, long-lasting, sustainable furniture.

It’s not just our furniture that is sustainable, though. At By The Yard, we ensure that every facet of our operation is optimized to reclaim resources. All HDPE scraps, even shavings, are collected and turned back into lumber. Even the heat from the machines that are used to cut and shape our furniture is captured to heat our workshop. We operate greener because we know that it makes a difference to our world and our customers.

Outdoor Furniture, Perfected

We don’t just talk the talk, we have furniture that is built to last a lifetime. Durable, splinter-proof, UV fade resistant, and made from environmentally-friendly recycled plastic, we are serious about outdoor furniture. And the best part? By The Yard Adirondaks, Chairs, Tables, and everything else that we make is completely weather-proof year-round. That’s right, no more lugging chairs up and down hills twice a year, our furniture looks beautiful and

That’s why we are Minnesota’s finest outdoor furniture dealer. Our quality is unmatched, our design is timeless, and you won’t break your back hauling heavy furniture twice a year just to have a relaxing place to sit. The best part? Our outdoor furniture ships to you, and our showroom in Jordan, Minnesota, is just a short drive away. Come see why more people are choosing By The Yard, and reinvent the way you relax year-round by exploring our website or contacting us. We can’t wait to see you!

Enjoy All Season, Every Season.

Experience timeless outdoor furniture and fall
in love with your patio all over again.