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How By the Yard passes the toddler test with flying colors

By Dan Darvell May 11, 2022 blog

Sometimes called “The Terrible Twos,” toddlerhood is a time of exploration, discovery and defiance. At this age, these little ones have only just developed a sense of self, will and the world around them. It can be hard to keep up with them as they test the limits of their surroundings and their adults. Navigating this important stage of development can be a challenge for the families and caregivers of toddlers, as evidenced by the tens of millions of hits one receives when searching the internet for tips on toddler-proofing a home. Luckily for parents and grandparents, there are some essential home and patio items that don’t require additional toddler-proofing. By the Yard furniture is among them. 

By the Yard prioritizes comfort, safety and ease when we craft our sustainable furniture. While our mission began with the goal of creating better outdoor furniture for the planet, we also succeeded in making better outdoor furniture for families with toddlers. 

Here are some of the ways By the Yard passes the toddler test. 

Our furniture has round edges

Tables with sharp square or rectangular edges are among the leading sources of injuries for toddlers. Their little legs pick up more speed than you might realize while their spatial awareness lags behind, making the corners and juts of tables and chairs a real hazard. Many people purchase corner protectors for their indoor furniture, but what about patio furniture? By the Yard builds our furniture with rounded corners and edges without compromising the aesthetic of your patio design. These rounded edges make things safer for toddlers as well as adults with mobility issues, or those who’ve had one too many sangrias. 

Our furniture is pinch, splinter, and metal-burn free

A trip to the park on a warm summer day is a favorite for kids of all ages. But a splinter from a weathered wood bench or burn from an exposed screw can quickly turn a fun day at the park to a puddle of tears. By the Yard’s furniture is made with HDPE lumber, manufactured from recycled plastics. Strong and durable, it won’t splinter or crack. Additionally, there isn’t metal to heat up in the sun and cause burns. 

Our furniture is easy to clean

Toddlers make their presence known in a number of ways, some of which linger even after bedtime. Rogue sauce spills, smears of frosting and even stray crayon marks (or those deliberately applied off the paper), make stains one of the top ways toddlers leave their mark. By the Yard’s furniture is nonporous and easy to clean, making them exceptionally toddler-proof even after a birthday party or color-heavy crafternoon. 

Toddler-safe meets elegant style with By the Yard

Toddler-proofing a home or patio can sometimes cause style to take a hit. With By the Yard, the style you crave doesn’t have to be put on hold while you wait out the terrific and terrible twos. Safety is built into our handcrafted outdoor furniture with rounded edges, enclosed bearings and hidden hardware. Sustainably made from HDPE lumber, our furniture is built to withstand natural elements from extreme temperatures and storms to a toddler armed with an open marker. Toddlerhood doesn’t last for long in the grand scheme of things, and your By the Yard furniture will still be looking and feeling beautiful as your toddlers grow into adults who’d be shocked by the antics of their two-year-old selves. 

Build a toddler-safe patio with style that will outlast the terrible twos. Request a free By the Yard catalog or shop online today at If you’d like more inspiration, we’re happy to help! To ask any question or order by phone, give us a call at 877-220-0448.