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Get around to getting a better outdoor table and chair set

By Dan Darvell March 20, 2020 Uncategorized

Get Around to Getting a Better Outdoor Table and Chair Set


Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to spruce up the yard, clean out the garage, and haul out the outdoor furniture from storage. Wait. Let’s cross that last one off your list—forever. Let’s make this the last spring that requires lugging a bunch of heavy, cumbersome furniture out to your deck or patio, only to re-lug it back inside in the fall. You don’t move your indoor dining table around just for fun, the same should go for your outdoor version. That is, if it’s By the Yard Maintenance-Free Outdoor Furniture. Crafted from solid, weather-resistant HDPE lumber that’s upcycled from plastic milk jugs, our maintenance-free outdoor furniture will create your permanent outdoor oasis, resisting cracking, peeling, and fading for decades, even in the harshest weather extremes.

No question, our furniture offers beauty that’s built to last. And that beauty is built in to our most exciting new product for this spring: the 58″ Round Framed Table. Nothing beats a round table for, well, gathering around. Its “cornerlessness” encourages conversation and means squeezing in one more guest is no problem. With the 58” Round, we’ve amplified those advantages by making our largest round dining table yet. Its expansive 15-foot circumference seats six generously, and seven or eight in “cozy mode.” Add a smoky platter of something hot off the grill with a few sides, and your backyard will be a hive of laughter and togetherness in no time. There’s even a convenient storage cupboard in its base. If you run your outdoors by following the More-The-Merrier Policy, then our 58” Round Framed Table is the outdoor dining table for you.

Plus, if you get the 58” Round Table as a set with six chairs, you’ll save big during our Set-tacular Sale. Our most popular table and chair sets will be on sale, just in time to make a By the Yard table and chair set the centerpiece of your outdoors—no matter your style. That’s because By the Yard offers so many ways to customize your furniture, allowing you to truly make it your own. Choose from three different heights of tables and chairs, three different shapes of tables, eight different chair back styles, as well as swivel and swivel-flex chair options. Add the choice of nine different earth tone colors with two-tone styles available, and you have thousands of possible configurations to complement your one-of-a-kind outdoor setting.

The Set-tacular Sale runs from March 20 through March 30 at all four of our showrooms (Jordan, MN; Maple Grove, MN; Vernon Hills, IL; and Lombard, IL) as well as online at If you’re ready to save on making great outdoor memories for decades to come, we’ll see you at the Set-tacular Sale.