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Fun outdoor activities for the family this spring

By Dan Darvell April 18, 2017 Featured Blog

With the weather warming and the flowers in bloom, spring is the perfect season to spend time outdoors. While you could go to an amusement park or take a family trip, it’s also possible to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own backyard. Here are a few ideas to get the whole family outside and enjoying all the season has to offer!

Plant a garden

Spring is a time for growth and renewal. As new plants bloom, there’s no better time to create a garden of your very own. Get the kids involved by having them dig holes, place seeds and water the freshly turned soil. Make a family decision about what to plant; flowers are beautiful when full grown and can be used to make fanciful bouquets, or you can plant fruits and vegetables that the whole family can eat together in the coming months.

Build and hang a bird feeder.

Nurture your family’s love of wildlife with your very own bird feeder. While you could buy one at the store, building your own from scratch is a fun and cost-efficient hands-on project. After filling it with seeds you can wait for birds to flock to your backyard. Check out a bird watching book from your local library and try to identify your feathered visitors!

Throw a water fight

Even though it’s not quite summer, you can still throw on your swimsuits and have some old-fashioned water fun. Use water balloons, squirt guns and whatever else you can find to wage aquatic warfare on family members and neighbors alike. Just make sure everyone else is willing to play!

Go camping

Go camping. You don’t need to drive out to the woods to have a family camping trip. Set up the tent and make a fire in the comfort of your very own backyard, then spend the night under the stars. Make some delicious s’mores or roast hot dogs to make it an authentic experience!

Have a cookout

Have a cookout. Good weather is perfect for spending time with good friends. Take advantage of the sun and cool breeze to have friends and family over for an outdoor barbecue or cookout. While the kids run around and enjoy themselves you can relax with the adults in the comfort of your own backyard.

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 Fun Outdoor Activities for the Family This Spring