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Fire tables – get glowing

By Dan Darvell July 3, 2019 Uncategorized

Endless summer is closer than you think.

Okay, maybe we can’t guarantee that you’ll be comfortably dining outdoors in a Minnesota January, but our growing line of Fire Tables adds “instant cozy” to any gathering, extending the outdoor season from spring to fall for anyone who lives in the north. In other words, with a By the Yard Fire Table on your deck or patio, Memorial Day and Labor Day become mere dates, not the typical start and end of summer. But our Fire Tables are a great choice for anyone across the country who can still experience some chilly evenings or those who simply haven’t had enough s’mores in their diet lately (and that includes everybody!).

Nothing warms an evening outdoors like 55,000 BTUs of flame, easily tamed with our one-touch controls. The inviting glow kindles conversations and lends a campfire ambiance without the hassle and mess of starting and maintaining a log fire. Plus, with a By the Yard Fire Table, the fire is perched at the just the right height for conversing while roasting a marshmallow or two. In fact, By the Yard Fire Tables come in four different heights to fit your needs: Coffee, Dining, Counter and Bar. Add to that our many sizes and color options, and you can perfectly customize a Fire Table to your exact situation.

Have a smaller outdoor space? A By the Yard 38” Coffee Fire Table with a few Adirondacks might be just the solution; or even our new 36”x58” Coffee Fire Table that offers a longer rectangular fire bowl, versus the round fire bowl of our 38”. Or maybe your outdoors can accommodate larger groups of friends and family. Our 58” Fire Table seats six comfortably and, at Counter- or Bar-Height, serves as a great “landing area” for guests to set drinks and smaller plates while they stand and chat.

As with all By the Yard outdoor furniture, we’ve thought of everything. All of our fire tables are natural gas or propane compatible, provide hidden storage for the tank, and come with one-touch ignition, a glass fire guard fire and a bowl cover for added room when dinning. Add the optional lazy susan for the ultimate in serving and entertaining ease.

What beautifully-maintenance-free By the Yard Fire Table is right for you? Find out here!

Fire Tables – Get Glowing