We’ve reached the “dog days of summer” when temperatures soar and our kids can barely remember what it’s like to be in a classroom. They’re back from camp and you’re hoping to give them something other than a screen to fill the hours. 

Finding outdoor summer activities for kids can sometimes be a head-scratcher, so we put together our favorite eco-friendly activities that will help you make cherished memories with your family for the rest of the season. 

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

The best thing about a nature scavenger hunt is that Mother Earth has already done the heavy lifting. Head to your nearest park with a list of local plants, insects and birdlife for your kids to discover. The tree cover will help you stay cool as you hike through your local ecosystem, checking off your discovery list. 

Not only is this a great way to get some exercise but it will also help your kids develop an appreciation for nature while making lasting memories. 

Turn Your Yard Into an Olympic Stadium

A little rearranging can be just what the doctor ordered to help you mix up your kids’ outdoor activities. Turn your backyard into an obstacle course using your outdoor furniture, toys, and other items you already have. From belly crawling under the lounge to running up the slide, a backyard obstacle course keeps kids active and engaged and demonstrates that the things we have can offer more than what meets the eye. 

Decorate the Neighborhood

One of the best ways to keep kids entertained without harming the environment is to pick up some eco-friendly sidewalk chalk. Let their imaginations take flight as they turn the sidewalk and driveway into their own canvas for self-portraits, landscapes, and maybe even some hopscotch. 

Go Camping Without Leaving Home

You can also transform your backyard to give your kids a memorable outdoor adventure with an at-home campout. Leave the screens inside and set up your tent out back. Bring a cooler of snacks, your camp stove gear and your favorite camping activities. 

Use your outdoor furniture cushions to make the tent extra cozy as you fall asleep sharing stories or catching shooting stars. The best part of backyard camping? It doesn’t take gas to get there, and you have access to indoor plumbing. 

Turn Your Backyard Into a Comfy Summer Living Room

When your outdoor space is welcoming and comfortable, your kids will have an easy time choosing to spend more time out there. By the Yard makes eco-friendly outdoor furniture that’s easy to clean and maintenance-free, so it’s easy to make a kid-friendly patio that’s also perfect for grown-up style. 

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