Creative Backyard Games to Play This Summer

Outdoor Classics

by the yard Real ringer game of horseshoes

If you’re looking for fun outdoor games to play with family and friends this summer, maybe during a barbecue or pool party, nothing beats the classics! The game of horseshoes has been around for decades. If you don’t happen to live next to a generous farmer, plastic peg and horseshoe sets can be purchased from a number of retailers. Cornhole, or beanbag toss, is similar. Instead of throwing metal horseshoes at a rebar peg you throw soft beanbags through a raised hole in a plank of wood. Making the cornhole board can be a fun family project all on its own.

Backyard Sports

by the yard Family playing soccer in suburban backyard

With a big enough backyard, you can play field sports from the comfort of your own property. Capture the flag will get the whole family moving! Just put two flags, pegs or any other small item on opposite sides of the yard. Two competing teams then try to run the enemy’s flag back to their own base without getting caught. If your goal is to get everyone running, soccer is another excellent option. If you don’t have a net, set up goal posts with pegs or other markers.
For the more adventurous types, you can try setting up an archery range. Bows and foam targets can both be purchased from sports retailers. All you have to do is put the targets down range and make sure nobody is in the way!

Giant Board Games

by the yard Clever Boy Playing Life Size Checkers Game outside

Take indoor board games outside for some oversized entertainment. While you could just play a regular game at a patio table, making your own supersized versions is that much more fun! Make a giant Scrabble set by painting letters on square pieces of cardboard. You can also create a huge Jenga set by cutting down wooden 2x4s to the proper size. Keep your games stored away in a safe place so you can keep them until next summer or use them year round!

Make Use of Recyclables

by the yard Row of empty plastic bottles

You can make fun family games using just the supplies you have laying around your home. Place plastic glasses close together in a cardboard box or other tight space, then use embroidery hoops or similar items to create your own game of ring toss! Plastic bottles are easily painted; find a small ball or make your own to create a bowling alley that can be used both inside and outdoors. Making use of the trash or recyclables you have laying around can be fun and environmentally friendly.

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by the yard backyard summer games

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