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Crafting a winter patio you’ll actually use

By Dan Darvell November 4, 2022 Patio Decor , Seasonal

Minnesota’s winters can be less than ideal. While winter can be a cozy time of year (sitting by the fireplace under a blanket watching heartwarming movies, anyone?), we rarely think of spending extended time outdoors. But with a few key patio upgrades and additions, you can create a winter patio that is just as cozy as the couch inside.

If you want to make use of your patio year-round, take a comfortable, stylish approach. Create an ambience for your patio that will make you want to stay outside longer, even if it’s a bit chilly outside. Winterizing your patio is easy, fun and looks great. Here are some tips to create a winter patio that you’ll love – and that you’ll actually use.

Add cozy lighting

Add lighting to your outdoor space to create a comfortable ambience during the winter. Twinkling lights, holiday lights or heat-emitting lamps are perfect additions to patios. As Minnesota gets less light in the winter, you’ll be able to spend more time outdoors without being forced inside. Plus, these trendy and comfy patio lighting ideas make your patio feel that much more warm and comfortable!

You can add holiday lights and decorations to your patio, as well. Lean into the cold and the snow by adding ambience that complements the winter vibes. Warm lighting and comfortable colors are exactly what you need when winterizing your patio. Surrounding yourself with string lights, outdoor lamps and other light fixtures will make Minnesota’s winters feel less harsh while making your patio more comfortable.

Add plants

Plants, whether real or fake, can liven up your space and create a winter patio that you will love. Fake greenery can be used strategically throughout the year, with hints of red and even fake snow to create a comfortable, holiday feel for your space. Large ferns and shrubs will act as a wall of sorts; while they won’t completely block out winter winds, they will create a cover and will enclose your patio space for a private, comfortable and warm atmosphere.

For those with a green thumb, winter-friendly plants are a great addition to your patio. Greenery and colors throughout your space will make your winter patio feel less cold and more welcoming. Your guests – and your family – will love the ambience and will want to stay outside even longer.

Add a fire table

Okay, we know that winter in Minnesota is cold. It is hard to stay outside for prolonged periods of time, let alone sitting down and relaxing on a patio in the winter. That is, unless you have a fire table or fire pit to give off heat. Fire tables are an essential part of winterizing your patio. Not only do they warm you and your guests up – a necessary consideration for creating a winter patio – but they look great, too.

Fire tables for your patio add an element of luxury and comfort, letting you make use of your patio year-round. Whether you are in the heat of summer or in the dead of winter, a fire table is the addition you need for comfort and style. They are practical, too. Sitting around a fire table on your patio with drinks in hand, you and your guests will have a convenient table top to store them. Enjoy the heat, light and comfort of a fire table and make your patio comfortable year-round.

Add winter-proof furniture

Winter-proof outdoor furniture is the final addition to your patio to enjoy it year-round. Some patio furniture needs to be carefully stored in the winter to maintain it and keep it in good condition for the summer. Maintenance-free, HDPE patio furniture lasts through all seasons, perfect for a Minnesota winter.

Winterizing your patio is easier with high-quality outdoor patio furniture that withstands the cold and snow. If you are creating an outdoor space that you want to enjoy in the winter, consider upgrading your patio furniture and cherish it year-round.

Upgrade your patio this winter

Patio season in Minnesota is limited, but it does not have to be. With high-quality, outdoor patio furniture, including fire tables and seating, By the Yard can help you enjoy your patio year-round. Our furniture is built to last and withstand the conditions that come with winter.

Extend your patio season this year with By the Yard. You’ll love the additions to your space, and your guests will, too. Stay outside longer with a fire table and outdoor seating. And add a personal touch by adding comfortable lights and decorations. This winter, you can stay warm without having to stay on your couch all season. Browse our maintenance-free, winter-proof furniture, and love winter this year.