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By the Yard’s guide to the giving season

By Dan Darvell November 28, 2022 Seasonal

It’s the holidays once again and it’s time to start crossing people off your list. Some of them are easy. The teenagers will take some gift cards and be happy they got to choose something for themselves. Some toys for the younger children, socks for the family members who genuinely get excited about that sort of thing. But what about your sister, who spends her summers on her deck? Or your cousin who just built a patio at his cabin? What do you get for those family members who never ask for anything for themselves?

There are plenty of options to consider when giving gifts. You can make a donation to a charity in their name to help those facing food instability this time of year. You can find something to add to their outdoor seating. And if you’re not sure, you can always nab them a By the Yard gift card

Giving is receiving

Some folks genuinely don’t want a gift and that’s ok. If you are still inclined to offer those loved ones who completely shun the spotlight, make a donation in their name. You can give to your local food shelf or donate to charities that work towards solving food insecurity such as Sharing and Caring Hands and Agate Housing and Services. This is a great way to not only let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them while making the holidays just a little bit brighter for another family.

Seating that lasts

All of our seating is constructed from our own proprietary recipe of durable HDPE lumber derived from recycled #2 single-use plastics. We firmly believe that you can have sustainable modern patio furniture that also looks amazing.

A pair of By the Yard weatherproof outdoor Adirondack chairs make for a great Christmas gift.

Our Adirondack chairs have the classic look you expect while being durable enough to last for years without maintenance. They are every bit as comfortable as you expect while also having a positive effect on the environment.

A By the Yard glider chair makes for a great Christmas gift for someone who enjoys relaxing outside.

Adirondacks aren’t their style? Maybe a King Days or King Windsor glider is a better fit. Both are available with Tete-a-Tete sets if they are the type to enjoy their outdoor seating with a cool beverage in the summer months. You’ll also never go wrong with a classic rocking chair to enjoy those breezy, warm days.

A brown By the Yard outdoor dining set makes for an ultimate Christmas gift for someone who enjoys hosting.

Maybe they are more the sort who love to host large gatherings. You could consider an outdoor dining table set or some bar tables so that they can host with ease. You could even get them an outdoor bar cart! The point is that there are plenty of options that will help their outdoor seating area pop. Not only that, but we have some great deals going for Black Friday including 10% off of our 2022 prices and free shipping in time for spring!

If you really can’t decide

If you really can’t decide on what to get them after racking your brain and trying to pull suggestions out of them, you can always get them a gift card. Usually, a gift card might indicate that they were not on your Christmas list until December 23rd. However, a gift card from By the Yard lets them know that you were thinking about them; you just couldn’t decide what to get for their outdoor living space.

We have everything you need

We have everything you need to have your outdoor living spaces ready for company come springtime at By the Yard. From modern patio furniture to accessories to flesh out your outdoor living space. Stop by any of our three, convenient Twin Cities showrooms to get your outdoor seating set for the season.