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It’s that time of year again. Memorial Day recently kicked off the unofficial beginning of summer, and it’s time to get serious about the great outdoors. Or, more specifically, your outdoors and making it great. And while you may have your landscaping pruned and flawless, your lawn impeccable, and your deck or patio prepped and ready, no outdoor space is complete without something to sit on, and set a drink on, and so on. Maybe your outdoor furniture has seen better days; or maybe you’re furnishing your outdoors for the first time or for a new house. Whatever your situation, an outdoor table and chair set is a must-have if you’re planning on spending any time on your deck or patio.

But there are so many outdoor furniture options out there, how do you decide? Our advice: focus on the future. Sure, this or that table and chair set looks nice online or in a showroom, but how will it look after five, 10, even 30 years of braving the elements? Wicker? We all know its fate after even a few years outdoors…that is, if it doesn’t blow away first. Cheap plastic? You get what you pay for, and pay for again in a couple of years, and pay again and again, as one after the other cracks, fades and otherwise lives up to its name: cheap. Even wood and metal furniture requires maintenance, like painting, staining and winter storage to keep it looking and functioning even close to new.

That’s why there’s no better choice to fill that patio or deck vacancy than a By The Yard table and chair set. Why? Let us count the reasons!


At By The Yard, we’ve been crafting furniture-grade poly-lumber into amazing outdoor furniture since 1994. Our table and chair sets are no exception, with beautiful, timeless style that will look great gracing any outdoors.


With nine colors to mix and match, eight chair back styles, and many shapes and sizes of tables to choose from, you have literally hundreds of possible combinations to pinpoint your unique style and outdoor furniture needs, from accommodating big broods, down to twosomes.


Once you select the perfect table and chair set from By The Yard, and it’s out on your deck or patio looking amazing, one realization will instantly make it twice as beautiful: you never need to move, schlep, paint, stain or otherwise maintain it for decades!


You already save year round by buying your By The Yard table and chairs together as a set. But for a limited time (June 10-26, 2019), you’ll save even bigger thanks to our “Table & Chair Set-tacular” Event. For more details, be sure to check here, but bottomline: you’ll save hundreds and have the option to upgrade to counter- or bar-height for free!

Stop by any of our three showrooms, shop online, or give us a call at 952.492.2777. We can’t wait to help you find the By The Yard table and chair set that’s not just great, but SET-TACULAR!