To the production team members who handcraft By the Yard’s maintenance-free outdoor furniture:

On this Labor Day 2023, people around the country are relaxing, reclining and spending time with family on the furniture you built. We want to take a moment to recognize and appreciate your invaluable work. You bring dedication, craftsmanship and teamwork to your roles each day. 

You Do Incredible Work

There is no substitute for the human touch when it comes to custom-building furniture for our customers. Your commitment to consistent quality is apparent in the durable, long-lasting furniture you produce.

When a piece of furniture you’ve created arrives at a customer’s home, a lifetime of memories arrives with it. Because of your focus, skill and attention to detail, our customers enjoy season after season of comfort and style.

You Bring Positive Energy

Beyond the physical labor you put in each day, you enrich our workplace with positivity, a willingness to help others and a terrific sense of humor. The culture you help create is a huge part of why By the Yard is a company we are proud of.

Even when the orders are coming in at lightning speed, you keep a sense of joy in the workroom. That’s because of the people you are and we are endlessly grateful.

You Are Second to None

We often marvel at how well you execute the vision and values of By the Yard and infuse them into each piece you build. We hope you take as much pride in your work as we do. Our success stems from your expertise, diligence and collaborative spirit. 

Happy Labor Day!

This Labor Day — and every day — please know how much your work means to us. We appreciate you and hope you’re enjoying a relaxing day off.


Deb and Roger