For those of us who love to host, our outdoor spaces offer a lovely extension of our homes, providing an ideal setting for entertaining friends and family. Elevate the comfort of your guests and make your hosting experience easier with our guide to the perfect outdoor seating

Assess Your Space

Before you buy and arrange your outdoor seating, first take some time to evaluate your space. Measure your area to ensure that the furniture you choose will fit comfortably without making the space feel cramped. Consider the flow of traffic, sun exposure and the views from different seating areas to devise the ideal arrangement for your setting. 

Plan For Comfort

Making sure your guests are comfortable is always a top priority for hosts. When it comes to outdoor entertaining, that starts with your seating. Consider the number of guests you typically entertain so that you’re sure to provide ample seating. 

Likewise, select materials and designs that promote comfort: 

Create Different Outdoor Seating Areas

Designing different seating areas adds visual interest and versatility to your outdoor space, and enables your guests to enjoy a dynamic time at your get-together. Depending on the size of your space, consider these outdoor seating areas: 

Hit the Finer Details

Whether you have one outdoor seating area or several, paying attention to a few essential details will make your space more than hospitable to your friends and family. 

Enhance Your Outdoor Seating

By the Yard has been helping hosts do the most with outdoor entertaining since 1995. Our market-leading HDPE outdoor furniture is ergonomic, durable and easy to clean making it the perfect choice for gatherings of all kinds. Weather-resistant with no storage required, your patio will always be ready for your next event. 

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