A Haunting Halloween, By the Yard Style.

by the yard halloween porch

There’s nothing to be scared of when it comes to using your durable outdoor By the Yard furniture for festive events like celebrating Halloween.

Our Mission Collection can help to create the perfect spooky backdrop for all tricks and treats on Halloween evening. In fact, if you have a neighborhood where the tricks are for kiddos and the treats are more geared towards adults, creating an inviting space is essential!

by the yard flowers

Each year my kids and I decide a theme for our decor! We’ve done loads of pumpkins displayed in all sorts of ways, a creepy cemetery with foggy tombstones and even a Day of the Dead celebration. This year we decided to focus on skulls & bones!

The Mission Bench in black was the first component to our haunting Halloween porch.  Having this piece was truly the anchor to our spooky design. This bench is also the perfect place to perch while awaiting eager trick-or-treaters gleefully opening their bags for treats on Halloween night. The bench is also the right spot to add a cozy blanket for keeping the chill off for the evening! I added a few festive skeleton pillows that give just the right amount of scary but still a cozy welcome to guests and candy lovers!

by the yard halloween porch

Around our bench we added plenty of spiders, webs and of course, skulls! Halloween decor can be bought on a budget! I almost always hit up stores the day after Halloween to build my stash using clearance items year after year. Even in the thick of the holiday season I always find deals at hobby stores to fill in the gaps to add eerie details at a discount. We also use homemade items & crafts to add ominous elements.

The Mission Adirondack chair is a great spot to sit & sip hot cider, visit with friends and get the best view of our frightful friends. A few well placed candles nestled in candy corn is an easy way to add an extra bit of light when the nightfall comes.

by the yard halloween porch by the yard halloween porch

I like to keep all of our essentials close by using the Mission style side table. Cookies, candies, candles and creepy decor all at an arms length! Below the table top I use the bottom shelf for stacking unique pumpkins we’ve gathered through the fall on our pumpkin patch adventures.  On the top, candy & yummy goodies we purchased locally at The Big Yellow Barn right down the road from By the Yard Outdoor Furniture!

by the yard halloween porch by the yard halloween porch

Don’t forget the sounds! No Haunting Halloween porch is complete without the scary sounds of the night … creeping doors, chains and screams … OH MY! I tucked our wireless speaker under the Mission footrest to keep it hidden but safe.

Now, bring on those greedy little goblins … otherwise known as Trick-or-Treaters! 😉

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