Coping with the loss of a loved one, be it a beloved, cherished pet, a close friend or a dear family member, is always a challenging experience. Creating a memorial garden is a heartfelt, unique way to honor their memory, paying tribute to them while also providing a serene place for reflection and remembrance. Here are some tips to start creating your special space — one that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but poignantly meaningful. 

1. Find a Good Dedication Spot

One of the most important places to start working on your memorial garden is to find where you would like it to be. It might be most helpful if it is in a private or secluded area to free your emotions and allow yourself to be vulnerable with your grieving and remembering.

The location can be as small or large as you would like, provided that you have the space available to work with. 

To choose a space, think about where your loved one most enjoyed spending time, or an area they might have enjoyed if they had gotten the chance to spend time there. Maybe it’s a part of your yard that they helped plant flowers in or where they would love the view it provided.

2. Incorporate Elements Advocating Healing

When you’re planning what to include in your garden, try to think of your loved one’s favorite plants and flowers. If you’re not sure, try researching the specific symbolic meanings of plants and pick ones that resonate with you and can relate back to your loved one. For example, aloe symbolizes affection and grief, bluebells kindness and humility, goldenrod encouragement and forget-me-nots true love and devotion.

You might want to plant right in the soil, but maybe you’ll be more interested in a planter stand to use the plants and flowers as focal points, or sitting up higher for greater visibility. 

If you’d prefer displaying different potted plants and other decor, make sure you’ve got an all-season table for your space. Now you won’t have to worry about it taking away from the beauty of your space because it’ll stay as-is throughout the year.

Integrating a water element can also provide needed therapeutic relief. Whether it’s in the form of a fountain or pond, the sound of water is naturally soothing and will add to the tranquility of the area. It will help you take the time and space to be with your thoughts and innermost emotions.

3. Include Places to Sit and Enjoy

After you’ve finished planning out all of the pieces you’re going to include, make sure to think of how you’re going to sit and enjoy the space you’ve created. 

This could take the form of a memorial garden bench that includes planters to provide more options for plants and flowers. Or it could be a cushioned chair that you’re able to really sink into and get comfortable in.

Let Our Furniture Be the Backbone to Your Memorial Garden

At By the Yard, we want to help you create a maintenance-free memorial garden that provides lasting comfort and a space you can just enjoy. If you need to reach out for more ideas or support, we’re here for you. We’re glad to be a loyal part of your community.