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5 Stunning ways to mix and match By the Yard furniture

By Dan Darvell February 6, 2023 Patio Decor

With endless ways to mix and match our furniture, By the Yard enables our customers to add a personal touch to their outdoor living spaces. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy seating area on your deck, an appetizing patio dining room or a poolside lounging area, here are five mix-and-match deck furniture ideas to incorporate your own style into a space you’ll love year-round, for years to come.

Play with color

Our furniture is available in a variety of UV-inhibited colors, including nine solid and five two-tone options. Consider choosing your furniture in complementary colors for a stylized effect.

  • Pair sandtone and black pieces to create a bold, modern look
  • Tap into picnic chic by adding white accent pieces to a redwood setting
  • Choose a two-tone dining table with outdoor dining chairs in the accent color.
  • Bar carts, planters and other seating in different shades of the same color create depth and cohesion.

Not sure which colors will go best together? Request a color sample!

Bring benches to the table

Mixing traditional outdoor dining chairs with backless benches makes patio dinners even more inviting. Not only will benches allow for more company to gather around, they also help showcase your table and the beautiful setting you place on top of it. And the seating arrangement options are endless.

Try flanking your dining chairs on either side of a long bench, which should be used as your centerpiece. You could also arrange a small table with a mix of chairs and backless benches around it, creating a cozy, intimate outdoor setting. Have a fire pit in your backyard? It’s the perfect opportunity to combine dining chairs and a bench to create a U-shaped seating area, making it easy for guests to interact and socialize.

Mix cushioned and standard seating

Our Deep Seat Collection offers added softness to the comfort of By the Yard furniture, and also brings depth to your outdoor style. Pair two Traditional Adirondacks or rocking chairs with a cushioned couch. Or, create complementary seating areas — cushioned seating in one area for lounging, traditional seating in another for dining. No matter where you sit, you’ll feel comfy and cozy, and your style will show from yards away, easily at home for evening dinners or daytime barbecues (thanks to the UV-resistant Sunbrella fabric).

Make an eclectic planter display

By the Yard’s HDPE planter boxes come in different shapes, heights and colors, so you can get as playful with them as you can with the things you plant. Create a checkerboard effect by alternating two colors. Frame your deck or patio with a combination of square, tapered and rectangular planter boxes. Lend an artistic touch to your arrangement by adding garden statues, sculptures and other decorative items. Flank dining tables with planter stands as eclectic accent pieces. Not sure which combination is right? Try out Deck Planner.

Combine different seat backs

By the Yard’s chairs come with your choice of nine back styles, which can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways to bring out your personal style while ensuring a comfortable spot for everyone.

  • Create an elegant outdoor dining space by mixing Day Break (low-rise) and Day’s End (high-rise) seat backs. High-rise seats are ideal for captain’s chairs.
  • Emerson and Chippendale seat backs can be combined for a harmonious, but visually exciting sitting area.
  • Use both backless and backed benches in your garden for a touch of whimsy.

Mix and match your way to outdoor bliss with By the Yard

Our love for the great outdoors is something we enjoy sharing with everyone — and because everyone is different, we’ve made it easy to personalize your patio decor with By the Yard furniture. Each piece is customizable with your choice of different styles, sizes and colors, and endless possibilities to get creative with form and function.

Find more inspiration and order your favorite pieces online, or give us a call at (952) 492-2777.