built in the USA. main ingredients, are combined to our own rigorous specifications, which include NO fillerswhatsoever. While it is as dense as wood, our plastic lumber is naturally flexible and molds to your body for exceptional comfort. Plus, it’s colorfast, with colorant and an added UV inhibitor saturating each piece, minimizing fading for years and years to come. Our unique combination of FURNITURE EXPERTS AND EXCEPTIONAL materialsmakes By TheYard Maintenance-Free Outdoor Furniture unequaled in the marketplace. It takes extra steps, extra care, extra thinking, and extra plain ol’ work, but we wouldn’t do it any other way . . . nor does anyone else. ORDER EVERYTHING IN THESE NINE COLORS • ALL OF OUR PLASTIC LUMBER AND FURNITURE IS PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA | 7 Black | Brown | Coffee | Gray | Green | Redwood | White | Sandtone |WeatheredWood We coat our all- stainless-steel hardware not once but twice with corrosion-resistant, color-complementing Xylan, so it will last just as crazy long as the furniture it fastens.