40 | BY THE YARD MAINTENANCE-FREE OUTDOOR FURNITURE • ORDER ONLINE: bytheyard.net • OR BY PHONE: (877) 220-0448 Always FREE SHIPPING on every product we offer! signage COMMERCIAL Golf courses, churches, restaurants, senior living, zoos, schools, resorts, campgrounds, hotels, offices, homes—any place with outdoor spaces—could use the heavy-duty, durable, maintenance- and hassle-free commercial products from By the Yard. Although not water-tight, our products are built to withstand heavy commercial use. Give us a call at (877) 220-0448 to arrange on-site testing of many pieces. To see all of our commercial offerings, see “The Goods” section on Page 51. FILL OUT A COMMERCIAL APPLICATION AT BY THEYARD.COM, TODAY! Whether for your business, organization, or home, By The Yard can produce a maintenance-free, one- or two- sided sign up to 4 by 10 feet in virtually any shape. Call (877) 220-0448 for a quote. Approximately $90/square foot starting rate.