Sand Brook Deluxe Backyard Settee King Windsor Sand Creek King Tête-à-Tête Cup Holder A [A] In Gray SBC | Sand Brook Adirondack Deluxe $399 Clean and modern, with an upright stance. [B] InWeatheredWood ADLX |Adirondack Deluxe $379 Classic Adirondack style. [C] In Black BYC |Backyard Adirondack Deluxe $399 Carefree style delivered with rustic charm. [D] In Sandtone ADST |Adirondack Deluxe Settee $699 Cozy relaxation for two. [E] In Redwood WACK |KingWindsor Adirondack Deluxe $419 For down-home homes with a country flair. [F] In Brown SCC |Sand Creek Adirondack Deluxe $389 A sleek statement with the classic Adirondack lower stance. [G] In Green ADLXK |King Adirondack Deluxe $419 A little taller, wider and deeper than any other Adirondack we offer. [H] In Gray ADLXK-TT |King Adirondack Deluxe Tête-à-Tête $1089 The ultimate relaxation station. [I] In Sandtone CUP |Cup Holder $49 Attaches easily to any Adirondack. B C D E G ORDER EVERYTHING IN THESE NINE COLORS • ALL OF OUR PLASTIC LUMBER AND FURNITURE IS PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA | 35 Black | Brown | Coffee | Gray | Green | Redwood |White | Sandtone |Weathered Wood F H I