WINTER IS ON THE HORIZON! *Snore.* When you buy any piece of By The Yard outdoor furniture, relaxation is already built right in, because you have no maintenance, no winter worries! Now make that furniture piece the king of relaxing furniture—the Adirondack—and you will have achieved utter serenity. The only effort you’ll need to exert is choosing which By The Yard Adirondack works best for you. With more varieties and configurations than any other category of furniture we offer, you can find the specific style that suits your environment: your sublimely serene, maintenance-free environment. See all ADIRONDACK styles in the The Goods, our complete product listing, on Page 50. 34 | BY THE YARD MAINTENANCE-FREE OUTDOOR FURNITURE • ORDER ONLINE: • OR BY PHONE: (877) 220-0448 Always FREE SHIPPING on every product we offer!