ORDER EVERYTHING IN THESE NINE COLORS • ALL OF OUR PLASTIC LUMBER AND FURNITURE IS PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA | 11 Black | Brown | Coffee | Gray | Green | Redwood |White | Sandtone |Weathered Wood A B C The first step to getting your outdoors IN SHAPE. When you’re ready to Outdoor Magnificently with By The Yard, the centerpiece of your upgrade will likely be a new By The Yard table. But which one? We suggest starting with your typical sitting scenario: how many people will be around the table on a regular basis? And select accordingly. Check out the additional hints on this and continuing pages. [A] In Green, without umbrella hole CNRLT36 | Counter-Height 36” Round Table $479 Set Pricing | 1 table + 2 chairs ST $1232 | SW $1408 | SF $1506 [B] In Gray, with umbrella hole BSPT44 | Bar-Height 44” Square Table $829 Set Pricing | 1 table + 4 chairs ST $2337 | SW $2690 | SF $2886 [C] In Coffee, with umbrella hole OPFT4488 | 44” x 88” Oval Framed Table $1859 Set Pricing | 1 table + 6 chairs ST $3992 | SW $4580 | SF $4874 ROUND Great for adding unexpected guests. SQUARE Perfect for parties of four. Choose from three different table heights and many more options on the next page! r OVAL Handles your bunch, band or brood with ease.