10 | BY THE YARD MAINTENANCE-FREE OUTDOOR FURNITURE • ORDER ONLINE: bytheyard.net • OR BY PHONE: (877) 220-0448 Always FREE SHIPPING on every product we offer! B Hold What’s Dear. Tables Helping 1: Mom’s Bacon Baked Beans, Pita Chips with Aunt Edna’s Famous Spinach Dip and a Burger, Fresh off the Grill. Helping 3: Just A Smidgen of Grandma Mary’s Ambrosia Salad. OK, a Little More. OK, Half a Plate. Helping 4: OhYeah, Dessert. Well, It’d Be Rude to Not Sample a Few... Helping 2: (See Helping 1) Built-In Peace of Mind Knowing That Everyone Can Help Themselves to Fellowship Among Family and Friends for Decades to Come.