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Make the Most of a Tiny Outdoor Space

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Whether you’re the proud owner of a condo with a teensy back patio or a single family home with a smaller-than-average backyard, your outdoor space’s size shouldn’t affect how functional and beautiful it can be. With creativity and versatility, you can transform your small spaces into gorgeous gathering places. When dolling up a backyard area, look to minimalism and adaptability for the best results.

Hidden Storage

It often seems, no matter how hard many people try, their backyards and patios become a dumping ground for all their lesser-used belongings. These spaces usually become quite cluttered after months of tossing unnecessary possessions out the back door. Clean up your outdoor space and keep it that way with plenty of storage options. By storing your undesirables in multipurpose furniture or hidden shelving, you can offer the illusion of minimalism and neatness. Hide your storage beneath stairs, tables, sofas and more to tame your clutter and impress the guests.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Your outdoor furniture can define the space itself. For this reason, it’s vital you consider what purpose you want your patio to serve and which pieces of furniture are most important. Do you want a dinner party setting? Would you prefer to host pool parties? Whatever you decide, your furniture is the largest player in any sized yard. In particularly small areas, though, the struggle can come when you search for properly sized furniture. How can you fit it all in such a tiny space? Luckily, you don’t have to! By choosing furniture that performs multiple roles, you can cut down on costs and furniture footprint. Use an ottoman as a table and a place to kick up your feet. Find a sofa perfect for seating all your guests and storing your outdoor equipment beneath. The possibilities are endless when you think creatively.

Fire Pit

Setting up a beautifully ornate fire centerpiece in your backyard is a perfect way to warm up chilly nights. However, if you have a tiny outdoor space, installing a large fireplace centerpiece may leave little room for anything else. Choose instead to create a fireplace in your outdoor wall or built into the ground itself. By the Yard even sells beautiful tables with a fire pit built in! You can still enjoy the warm comfort of a fire with friends while saving your precious outdoor patio space.


No matter how tiny your backyard space is, a little greenery can take it to the next level. Potted plants and hanging planters are great space-saving options for apartments, condos or townhomes. Alternatively, if you’re feeling crafty, build a vertical garden wall to impress your guests and add some tranquility to your space. This allows you to make use of unused wall real estate while still sprucing up your outdoor area with some lively plants and flowers.

Build Your Dream Patio, No Matter How Small

Size never matters when it comes to creating a gorgeous outdoor space. Take advantage of what room you have while flaunting your creativity with storage and décor. Whether you want a place for a happy hour get-together or a five course meal, it all begins with the right furniture. Transform your home’s outdoor places with versatile, multipurpose furniture from By the Yard. To learn more about the pieces available in our showroom, contact us online or call (877) 220-0448.

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